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We solve any need, so that you can take advantage of your stay in the accommodation of Toti Aran in Baqueira and Aran Valley: filled with fridge, babysitter, transfers and taxi, ...

Toti Arán helps you enjoy your stay in the Valley

We offer all the services you may need during your stay.

These are the main ones:

Fridge Filling

We take care of filling your fridge upon arrival.

If you do not have the desire, time or energy to go shopping, Toti Arán offers you a refrigerator filling service.

Forget about going to the supermarket!

By the time you arrive at our apartments or rental houses, your fridge will be full again.

In Toti Arán we offer two types of fridge filling service on request for all the clients of our apartments and rental houses in Baqueira Beret and the entire Arán Valley:

Toti Arán can make the purchase while enjoying the mountain. We will take care of you to go to the supermarket and select the products you indicate. You will not have to worry about anything. Our team will receive your order and go to the supermarket, acquiring the products of trust and quality that you indicate and deposit them in your fridge. This service has an additional charge that you can consult, without any commitment, at any time during your stay in our apartments and houses.

Babysitting service

Confidence Babysitters. The best care for your children.

Climbing the snow with the little ones is always a rewarding experience. Children love snow and parents always enjoy seeing how little skiers make their first steps with skiing or snow. But on certain occasions, children cannot keep up with a parent's day of skiing, do not feel like climbing tracks, end their classes or are too small for winter sports.

For clients of Toti Arán rental houses and apartments, this is never a problem. In Toti Arán we have an exclusive service of professional babysitters, with experience in the care of children, who will take care of the children while you enjoy the snow day.

On many occasions it is difficult to find a trusted babysitter in a holiday environment like Baqueira Beret and the Aran Valley. However, with Toti Arán you don't have to worry about anything. We will take care of putting you in touch with a team of professional kangaroos that are fully trusted and backed by ourselves.

Our experience of more than 10 years in the rental of apartments and houses in Baqueira Beret and the Aran Valley, means that all our team has been able to detect, over time, the main needs of our customers. This is why our professionals have selected the best services of responsible babysitters and experienced in childcare so you do not have to worry about anything during your stay in our houses and apartments.

If you want to leave the children with someone you trust while you go on slopes or take the opportunity to learn more about the Aran Valley, our professional babysitters will be at your disposal.

If you need the service, you just have to let us know. We will take care of contacting you with the babysitter for the day and the time slot you need (hourly service) or we will contact you for your convenience and confidence. Our specialists will be delighted to remain in the care of the chilren.

Transfers and Taxi

Exclusive discounts to customers. Service to all of Europe.

In Toti Arán we offer all the clients of our apartments and houses for rent in Baqueira Beret and the Aran Valley an exclusive taxi service and transfers, whatever the time of the year.

Toti Arán taxi and transfer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our drivers can pick you up at any point and transfer you to the indicated destination.

Among the most common destinations of our clients are cities such as Lleida, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Toulousse or Tarbes. Our taxi drivers will also accompany you to the main airports in Barcelona or Madrid, ports, AVE stations in Lleida, Huesca, Zaragoza or Barcelona, ​​etc.

Any destination is available to our customers. Either to climb the slopes, to go to nearby areas for your meals, dinners, events or leisure time. Even, if you wish, transfers to anywhere in Europe. All this with exclusive prices, for being clients of the houses and apartments for rent in Baqueira.

Apartment booking

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