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If you have decided to ski in Baqueira Beret by booking a Toti Aran house, you will have a 25% discount on all ski rental equipment.
In Toti Arán we offer you our ski equipment rental service, for skiing in Baqueira Beret. Our store, Totirent Ski Urgent is next to the office, so while some check-in, others can test the ski equipment.

Special prices and discounts of up to 25%.
Rent your Ski equipment

If you have rented an apartment or house in Totiaran, you can enjoy the following exclusive advantages in the rental of ski equipment in Baqueira Beret:


Skis Repair Workshop

To enjoy skiing on the best slopes in Baqueira Beret, it is essential to have a good material, in perfect condition, to perform better in the snow.

Therefore, at Totiaran we always recommend our customers to check and repair their equipment before climbing the snow slopes. Visit our ski equipment rental shop in Baqueira and the Totirent - SkiUrgent repair shop.

Skis rental

By renting one of our properties, you automatically enjoy a 25% discount on all our skis rental equipment, reaching 35% with special packages

Upon receiving the rental reservation voucher for a property in Totiaran, send us your ski equipment order, to organize your equipment, enjoy the discount and have your equipment ready upon arrival.

Our service guarantees you a high quality ski equipment. Our store, Totirent Ski Urgent that is next to our office, offers you a variety of skis and accessories for all ages and styles, from beginners to professionals.

  • PLATINIUM teams: € 50
  • EXCELLENCE team: € 37
  • PREMIUM Team: € 23
  • Children Team: € 15

Totirent Skiurgent is our rental workshop for all ski equipment and repair with the best technology in Spain. We have the latest machinery to make your skis ready.

Repair service includes:

Planned and structured soles: We check the flatness of the soles so that the singing works correctly.

Polished: we review the soles with stone so that the waxing lasts much longer.
Structured: We structure the sole to have a better contact with the snow.
Edge sharpening: having them very sharp and smooth is very important to be able to enter, turn and rest well in the snow.
Waxing: Hot wax by hand and brush manually. We recommend doing an automatic waxing at the end of the ski day.

The quality and the great result of our repairs, together with the personalized and close treatment of its employees, have made Totirent Skiurgent the reference workshop for all snow lovers in the Baqueira Beret area. If you wish, you can leave your skis in the afternoon, when you leave the slopes and pick them up in the morning, before enjoying another snow day with a perfect set-up: songs, soles, lace, etc.

The workshop has renowned machinery of the Swiss brand Montana, we also have the final supervision of Miru Viló - an expert with more than 30 years of experience - of each and every one of the teams, before leaving the store, to in order to guarantee the highest quality in the repair and review of your skis.

Extra pick-up service: If your stay is prolonged and you do not need material throughout the week, Totirent Skiurgent also offers a service of collection, repair and home delivery of all your equipment, upon prior request to renta@totirentskiurgent.com within the Baqueira Beret area, until the Artíes. This way, you won't have to worry about moving from your house or apartment to the workshop. The team of Totirent Skiurgent will be in charge of fixing with you a day and time for picking up your skis and delivering them back to your accommodation, checked and repaired.

You can find our Totirent Ski Urgent workshop shop at Baqueira Beret 1500, Port 1 de la Bonaigua local building, next to our office and laundry. The contact telephone number is +34 973 64 43 04 (Miru Viló).


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Rent your Ski equipment: